In a world where almost everything is changing rapidly, the saying “The only constant is change” has become absolutely true.

Like many businesses, retail franchising has been clearly shaped by the recent technological advancements, particularly in telecommunications and mobile technology.

Mobile & Online Shopping

Smart phones & digital media have radically changed shopping, and mobile commerce sales are expected to reach 31 billion dollars by 2016.

Moreover, online shopping has shown notable growth in the Middle East, where shopping malls are the premium destination for customers; as many shoppers browse the web and create a shortlist before heading out to buy from a preselected store, the question would be whether malls will remain the shopping master.


On the other hand, while franchisors strive to reduce risk and expand their customer base, a new marketing strategy called co-branding has taken off in recent years. This strategy is built on the idea of uniting two well known brands under one roof. If done well, co-branding is innovative because it’s new, unexpected, and achieves brand objectives that not only reinforce an image, but also increase awareness. However, the success of this strategy requires the right brand & right time & place.


The right communication and marketing strategies are extremely important; however we can’t undermine the importance of innovation which has played a vital role in franchising since the beginning.

It’s clear that the reason why many franchises have excelled globally was their ability to create new products or adapt existing products to cope with cultural differences among countries.

In conclusion, an innovative franchise that is capable of adapting its operations to the non-stop advancement in technology and adopting the right marketing strategy will definitely grow regardless of the political or economic uncertainty.



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