AL Falamanki • Mood Village s.a.l.


AL Falamanki is a wonderfully bucolic and traditional Lebanese

café located on a 25,000 square feet piece of land in the heart

of Beirut. Its doors are open 24/7 and features a beautiful chicha

garden in a typical Lebanese village setting.

The café is named after Khalil AL Falamanki, a globetrotter from

the past era whose story is worth reading in the menu. Running

up against such a high profile figure the food had to match up

in quality, so this café’s savvy and fun loving developers, Tony El

Ramy and Mario Jr. Haddad went on a road trip all over Lebanon

on a quest to find premium ingredients hidden in Lebanon’s lost

villages, where authentic production techniques withstood the

test of time, giving the products a richness in flavors and quality.

As for entertainment the guests can indulge in a game of cards

or backgammon while being swept away by Fairuz’s melancholic

voice creating an almost poetic atmosphere as rings of smoke

from the chicha pipes are blown into the air.

Just like Khalil AL Falamanki, the restaurant wins people over with

its character and charm, from its traditional Lebanese mezzes to

its foul medammas that puts Egyptians to shame. With just a foot

in the door the guests are directly transported into a Lebanese

village situated in the center of Beirut.