Boecker Public Health SAL



Boecker, the region’s largest Pest Management, Food Safety and

Biosecurity services provider, delivers World Class services for the

most demanding commercial, food service & residential sectors.

Founded in 1993, Boecker has been positioned as a renowned

leader in the field of public health with a well-founded expansion

in the Middle East region operating in UAE, Lebanon, Saudi

Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and in West Africa, specifically Nigeria.

Boecker services are ISO9001:2008 certified, and all of its used

products are EPA approved and licensed by local authorities.

Boecker Food Safety, a registered training center with Royal

Society for Public Health - RSPH and Chartered Institute of

Environmental Health – CIEH, provides food hygiene training

recognized by the leading regulatory bodies worldwide. Boecker’s

professional consultancy services cover the delicate aspects of

building safe food systems like the GCP, HACCP and ISO22000.

To consistently provides excellent products and services, through

exceptional human capital using the latest technologies and

resources, each of which contributes to its continued worldwide