GWR consulting


GWR consulting are regional providers of Mystery shopping, food

safety and training. Our continual drive for innovation and use of

the latest tools and technologies, in addition to our professionally

trained team members, put us at the forefront of the quality

control industry. GWR consulting was one of the first companies,

specialized in Quality Control, to get certified as an ISO 9001


GWR consulting was founded in 2005 as a company specialized

in quality control for the hospitality industry, forming an alliance

with “Euroconsultants”, a European company. GWR consulting

quickly established itself as a major player in the hospitality field

and by the end of 2006 GWR consulting became the main

supplier of Mystery Shopping, Food Safety and Training for all

major restaurant chains in Lebanon.

In 2007, GWR consulting started operating regionally and signed

several contracts in KSA, Egypt and the UAE

In 2009, GWR consulting started providing its highly successful

mystery shopping services to other sectors such as banking, retail,

automotive, and luxurious brands improving their service quality

standards and performance.

In 2010, GWR consulting signed a major agreement with a

multinational company to quality control its outlets in the MENA

region (UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Morocco, Lebanon).

Market demand for a regional company operating with

international levels of quality made GWR consulting open its

office in Dubai. Since then, GWR consulting has become the

leader in providing quality control solutions for regional and

multinational companies. GWR consulting became the go to

company for high quality Mystery Shopping, Food Safety & Training.