Karim Henri TORBEY is born is Beirut in 1972. In 1995, he earned a

Bachelor art degree in law from Saint Joseph University (USJ) in

Beirut. In June 2001, he received a law phd degree from the

University of Pantheon-Assas in Paris. The topic of his thesis was:

The franchise and management contracts in the Company Law.

He tackled numerous issues arising from the franchise contract

when signed by a commercial company in the light of the legal

provisions. Since 1996, he works as an attorney at law in Beirut

and his main activity is focused on franchise agreements. He is

also an assistant lecturer at the Faculty of law and political

science of Saint-Joseph University. He is member of the College

des experts of the Lebanese Franchise Association and an advisor

to the board of the LFA. He has given many conferences and

issued several publications on franchise.