Sami Nahas Law Firm


LFA is pleased to introduce you to Sami Nahas Law Firm, regarded

as one of the leading regional legal experts in franchising.

While a small number of law firms in Lebanon offer legal services

in relation to franchising, very few actually understand the

franchise sector, and the commercial realities of the business of

franchising, as they do.

Sami Nahas Law Firm has an extensive expertise in this specific

industry and works closely with a broad network of law firms in

various countries in this regard. The Firm regularly deals with the

most interesting challenges facing franchisors and franchisees. At

Sami Nahas Law Firm, the team of franchise attorneys provides

in depth analysis of franchise agreements, and negotiates the

issues most critical to the franchisor or the franchisee. Indeed,

the Firm adds value to franchisors and franchisees and assists

them with respect to such important matters as corporate set up,

intellectual property ownership and protection, lease

negotiations, non-compete enforcement, repatriation of funds

and foreign ex-change restrictions.

Sami Nahas Law Firm has been advising a large number of Lebanese

and international franchisors and franchisees (master, area

or unit) in various industries with a specific focus on the hospitality

and food and beverage (hotel chains and restaurants) and the retail

sectors. In retail franchising, the Firm advises franchisors acting

in Lebanon and abroad and acts as the external general counsel

of Patchi group (franchisor). In hotel franchising, the Firm acts

as the external general counsel of Safir hotels (franchisor)

and Taameer Real Estate Investment Company (Kuwait)

(Ramada Hotels franchisee for a number of countries in the MENA

region). Finally, in F&B, the firm advises franchisors such as the

Medi Resto group (franchisor: La Posta restaurants and La Posta

Gourmet etc.), Maki group (franchisor), and Canelle group.