Café blanc SAL



Café blanc introduces a new trend in Lebanese restoration. The

oriental atmosphere is charming, relaxing, cool and inspiring unlike

typical Lebanese restaurants.

To be more distinguished, a boutique to promote the spirit of café

blanc that offers designed oriental items related to tea, coffee,

narguileh, oriental spices, costumes, etc….and signed by famous

Lebanese artists. The menu is creative in terms of mezze, desserts,

traditional juices and hot drinks. On the other hand, the chef will

propose every week a small list of main dishes and special desserts.

café blanc is a casual place where you can come at any time of

the day whether to eat or simply enjoy having a cup of coffee, a

nice dessert or narguile while, playing tawleh with friends.

Café Blanc is a part of a worldwide franchise that has been created

in 2004; having a commitment to delivering the freshest & finest

Lebanese cuisine within a strikingly modern ambience, it focuses

on consistent delivery of quality, service and cleanliness through

excellence in our restaurants.

Our first outlet opened in Kuwait in 2004, followed by an outlet in

Lebanon, one in Riyadh, a second outlet in Kuwait, one in Jeddah

and three in UAE. Finally and in august 2009 café blanc opened

its second outlet in Lebanon, Hamra and a third one in “le mall”

Saida. Café blanc expansion will grow soon in Abu Dhabi.