Batchig is the creation of grandmothers who have worked in

the kitchen of Mayrig for many years. They have been cutting,

peeling, spicing, mixing, cooking, and sharing their ideas and

experiences for years, each bringing a specialty with her. It is these

grandmothers that have put together a bit of their stories from all

over the Levant and Mediterranean to create an explosion of

flavors building up the first oriental “trattoria” of its kind.

Batchig is, first and foremost, the fruit of one grandmother, who

was the inspiration behind Mayrig. It then grew to envelop many

other grandmothers, from different backgrounds and families,

and in doing so, has created a new family of grandmothers

cooking to their heart’s content.

Just like Mayrig, Batchig is a family-run restaurant, committed to

tradition, taste, quality and excellence.

To become a recognized player in the ethnic food sector within

the MENA region. Create, develop and operate innovative

concept to attract long term investors and operations partners

and become an investment of choice for as many countries


To pursue the expansion of the existing brand and add two outlets

within 24 months.