Assaha is an architectural project that iterate the feature of the

Lebanese traditional village through a Lebanese Restaurant

serving a fresh homemade food “taste just like mom’s cooking”.

The story began before year 2000 when the general manager &

the architecture of Assaha Lebanese traditional village Jamal

Makki begin collecting tools and Collectables Lebanese village

and assembling stones from old Beirut homes that were

destroyed and thrown. Followed by the selection of the location

which was a challenge to establish a heritage tourism project as

a step in the revival of heritage since the land was a dumping

ground for waste with not any specifications lacking for the view

of sea or trees.

Assaha Lebanese traditional village surpasses architecture in its

dimensions by knitting its own unique package of dimensions based

on architecture rotational & green architecture, rising up with

environmental dimension, Health dimension, Human dimension,

Social dimension, Cultural dimension, Heritage dimension,

economic dimension, Tourism dimension To show up “ Assaha

Lebanese Traditional Village” offering 5 stars service flavored with

fresh homemade food “taste just like mom’s cooking".