Who We Are

Headquartered in Beirut, BankMed is one of the top banks in Lebanon.

Its market share- measured by total assets - constitutes more than 9% of

the Lebanese banking system. BankMed, through its 55 branches within

Lebanon, and one in Cyprus, offers a wide range of products and

services to individuals and corporations. BankMed’s operations extend

to Switzerland, where it has a subsidiary private bank, BankMed Suisse,

and to Turkey through a commercial bank, T-Bank, and to Saudi Arabia

with investment banking through the SaudiMed Investment Company.

For the first half of 2011, BankMed net profit increased by 13% to reach

$59.4 million compared to $52.6 million for the corresponding period of

last year. BankMed’s total assets stood at US$11.4 billion, while loans and

customer deposits grew by 19% and 7% during the year to $3.9 billion

and $9.1 billion by June 2011 respectively.

What We Stand For

BankMed’s role in financing commercial, industrial, and contracting

activities has contributed to the growth of these sectors and the resurgence

of the Lebanese economy since 1990. Believing that an institution

should always reinvent itself, BankMed went through a major reorganization

campaign between 2006 and 2008. Along with the well-established

corporate banking business, brokerage services and retail products

have been introduced to meet growing client demand. In addition, its

belief in sustainable development has prompted BankMed to launch its

environmental initiative, the Happy Planet campaign, which attempts to

raise awareness about issues pertaining to the environment.

Where We Are Going

BankMed understands that the globalization of financial services is an

irreversible trend and believes that regional financial institutions should

invest in innovation so that they could meet the needs of a more

demanding client base. BankMed comprehends these challenges,

hence its continuous adoption of the latest in banking technology, as

well as its emphasis on human resources training and development.

Well planned vertical integration and carefully considered horizontal

expansion will continue to define BankMed’s strategy to create a more

successful business enterprise.