Middle East Airlines


MEA, Lebanon’s national carrier, has a prestigious history since 1945

and has come a long way since then.

Throughout its history, MEA has sustained one of the world’s best

safety records and ensured the satisfaction of its customers. From the

minute the passenger steps into one of the MEA Sales Offices, until

the minute he reaches his destination, he / she enjoys the welcoming

hospitality of the Lebanese nation.

MEA proudly operates one of the world’s most modern and luxurious


MEA has increased its flights to a large number of destinations so that

it may merit being your airline of choice: Middle East Airlines.

To tailor MEA flight schedule to your own schedules, Middle East

Airlines arranged the flights

program as follows:

•Paris: 28 weekly flights

•Dubai, Cairo, Amman , Istanbul: 2 daily flights (morning, evening)

•Riyadh, Kuwait, Jeddah: 13 weekly flights

•Geneva, Frankfurt, London, Larnaca, Dammam, Doha, Abu Dhabi,

Baghdad: daily flights

•Athens , Erbil : 6 weekly flights

•Brussels , Rome , Milan: 5 weekly flights

•Nice* , Accra , Abidjan: 4 weekly flights

•Dusseldorf* , Copenhagen* , Lagos: 3 weekly flights

•Madina*: 2 weekly flights

•Kano: 1 weekly flight

For your reservations or more information, contact your travel agent

or Middle East Airlines

* Seasonal