Babel concept resides in many components:

- Monumental, interior design and architecture

- Progressive Lebanese cuisine

- Proficiency

- Evolving constantly to exceed customer expectations

Babel launching was 3 years ago. The word of mouth found

Babel a new positioning on market that changed the perception

of “going out concept”.

Some of Babel 3 years achievements:

- Babel in Dbayeh has approached 600 000 customers.

- Babel in Zaitunay Bay became a very popular destination,

known for its selection of seafood specialties.

- Babel brand achieved a 5 stars ranking in 2011 issued by Ministry

of Tourism and certification of Bureau de Veritas.

- Babel brand started his expansion abroad.

Babel to become a well-known brand name marked by:

- Food Journey

- Quality

- Distinction

- Fulfillment