Edde Sands


Eddé Sands Hotel & Wellness Resort…. The splendor of the four seasons

Set amidst 100,000 m2 of spectacular Mediterranean seafront, EddéSands Hotel & Wellness Resort is the ultimate year-round destination on Lebanon´s coastline. Famous for its all-time partying atmosphere in summer, EddéSands is also an ideal destination for wellness retreats in winter and year-round corporate events and banquets.

The resort features extensive sea-front venues for celebrations both large and small, stunning outdoor tropical gardens, a variety of award winning restaurants, pools and an elegant array of reception ballrooms that shine with warm, inviting décor.  Complete with world class catering, a 5-star boutique hotel, Tropical Spa and luxurious beach-front bungalows that leave nothing to be desired, Eddesands truly brings you the very best that Lebanon has to offer.  

The resort also boasts a 3-star hotel, é´ L´Hôtel, located just steps away from EddéSands resort. It offers 28 rooms, most with stunning views overlooking the Byblos/Beirut Bay.

Eddé Sands Hotel & Wellness Resort is all about style, comfort and, most of all, about resurrecting Lebanese hospitality in refreshing and innovative ways.


Eddé Sands has played a vital role in showcasing Byblos as a major tourist destination, making it today, one of the most renowned attractions in the Eastern Mediterranean area.