Cookielicious started as a conversation that a family of 4 girls were having in the kitchen. After baking some delicious cookies as a family activity, we had an idea and Cookielicious was born. Cookielicious was born at a time were cupcakes were having their glory moment and a cupcake store was opening at every corner. But as a family we were more cookie people so we were wondering why isn’t there any specialized shop for cookies only in Lebanon like there is abroad and so we decided to open Cookielicious; the first shop in Lebanon concentrating on cookies and offering more cookie flavors and combinations than any shop in Lebanon had ever done. Slowly we grew and we noticed that our customers were loving our cookies and so we decided to venture not only into chocolate chip cookies but into sugar and fondant cookies with different shapes and styles. This attracted many customers especially for events and celebrations like births, weddings, engagements, birthday parties...etc. Because of the popularity of these events we also started venturing into chocolates and full “candy” tables for events.  After more than 3 years in the field we can safely say we are the first-place people think about when craving freshly baked cookies or cookies for their events. This stage has led us to think about sharing our expertise in cookies and look to franchise our brand. 


Cookielicious launched its activity in the shop on 10/6/2013 as a specialized homemade chocolate chip cookies stores together with icing sugar and fondant designed cookies. Slowly the chocolate and other sweet items were introduced in the shop to cater all events. Cookielicious is now a home to over a dozen of different homemade cookies in addition to other sweet selections. Our special designed cookies, cookie bouquets, and chocolate arrangements proved to be different from all other shops in Lebanon that caters all occasions. Our services extend to Baby Showers, Bachelorette Parties, birthday parties, Engagements and Weddings (we are very special at bridal dessert tables and candy tables to all events). We also arrange for corporate gifts which are made special by our expert team and can be customized to each company. 


Cookielicious goals are now to open more branches in Lebanon and later to expand regionally. We are looking forward to open branches close to universities, schools and malls. This goal is preferably reached through franchising our concept in the local market. After we gain the franchise experience and be ready for another step, we aim at to open branches in the region..