Much like its name suggests, Caprice is a place designed freely and is unrestricted by any specific rules or form. We provide 4 completely different themed nights, satisfying even the ever indecisive, with one thing in common; the full clubbing experience.

Caprice first started out as a need for “a lounge/bar near your favorite nightclub”, a place where you want to be starting your night before heading off to a club. It was first located in Jal el Dib. Year after year the concept developed into a full nightclub experience. Fast forward to 2016, Caprice opened its doors in a new location, combining all genres of music with 4 nights to cater to each taste. You push open the doors and feast your eyes on a mélange of classical yet funky influences in a bold accentuated design. The place looks contemporary, even raw at times, but also has a whimsical charm, a balance not very many places can strike.