Abd El Wahab


Abd El Wahab offers guests a unique oriental experience 

featuring a menu of traditional mezze & homemade Lebanese

platters. Narguileh, backgammon & light Arabic music creates

the perfect place to indulge & relax.

When we started the company in 1997 as a small group of friends

with our first French restaurant “Le Monot”, little did we know

that we would be part of the big boom that took place when

Lebanon took off in the late 90s, with restaurants popping up all

over the downtown and Achrafieh area. Making our debut with

restaurants like Duo and Abdel Wahab, which have stood the

test of time, we believe that our success is due to the principles

we stick to such as dedication, good moral standing, exquisite

cuisine and first class service.

We own and manage 5 distinctive concept venues; Abdel

Wahab – Lebanese cuisine, Duo, MARION-French Bistro, El Paladar

– Latino bar/restaurant and Shah – Oriental restaurant Lounge.

All this success makes us one of the most prominent and dynamic

restaurant groups, not only in Lebanon, but in the Middle East as

well, boasting the spread of our restaurants all over the region.

Abdel Wahab has forged such a reputation for itself, that it has

no competition in the market. Named after the street it was

built on, this restaurant which features a rich oriental décor, with

damascene walls, brass and glass-blown artifacts and such a

friendly staff, that you will enjoy the typical hospitality that the

Lebanese have to offer.