BIG STAR International Clothing S.A.R.L



Big Star International Clothing S.A.R.L has the franchise for four

brands in Lebanon:

Big Star, Tally Weijl, LTB, and Redskins.

In addition, it is the franchisor for Big Star in the Middle East.

The company started off from its famous Big Star Jeans and then

diversified its portfolio by having the exclusivity of several international

brands, as LTB, Tally Weijl and Redskins.

Big Star International Clothing S.A.R.L has been in the clothing

business for more than 30 years and now has 15 stores located

in prime and strategic locations in Lebanon and the Middle East.

The company’s perspective is to continue expanding its borders

within the Middle East by opening more stores and offering more

franchises in Lebanon and in the region.