Our unique “Mocha Italia” blend created by the Costa brothers

in 1971 – is the foundation for all of our delicious coffees. Costa

Coffee serves quality food (desserts, sandwiches & salads) to

match its quality coffee. Only 1% of the world’s raw coffee beans

are good enough for us to choose from. All of our coffee is 100%

Rainforest Alliance Certified™.

On a grey day in London in 1971, a cup of Costa coffee was

poured for the very first time by the brothers Sergio & Bruno Costa.

Costa is the first retail coffee chain to control the whole coffeemaking

process from start to finish – we source, store, blend, roast,

grind and pour all our own coffee. No one else is involved. You

can enjoy our blend distinctive flavor at any of our 1,700 Costa

stores in 25 countries worldwide. Costa coffee started to serve

the Lebanese coffee lovers in 2006.

To deliver an unbeatable coffee experience and give the world

a choice