Costa Blanca


The Costa Blanca women are trendsetters who are always on

the lookout for sexy, cutting-edge fashion. With an acute understanding

of the women of today, Costa Blanca seeks to fulfill their

wardrobe needs: from work to play, day time to night time,

casual to formal.

Costa Blanca is part of Clothing for Modern Times (CMT)

company which considers fashion as an obsession and innovation

as a foundation. CMT has been designing, producing and

marketing trendy styles for fashion forward men and women

since 1989. Costa Blanca concept offers a contemporary time

women’s apparel and accessories for the sophisticated, fashion

forward women between 25 and 35 years of age. Inspired by the

sultry European lifestyle, Costa Blanca offers a sophisticated, chic

shopping experience in a boutique setting, within a contemporary

interior; Costa boutiques have a designer shop look and feel.