Al Rifai


Al Rifai stores offer freshly roasted nuts, coffee, and premium quality Al Rifai products ranging from confectionaries, chocolate and a large variety of home made products.Our stores are a direct reflection of the special know-how of Al Rifai heritage. It is the homey taste away from home. Our origins were modest, but the goals were certainly not. Founded in 1948, Al Rifai opened its first outlet on the Corniche of Mazraa in 1960. Al Rifai was the first to transcend boundaries in 1977 and export to Africa and North America. Acquiring state of the art technology Al Rifai became the country’s foremost supplier of high quality products. The company has grown spectacularly over 5 decades to become a modern chain with outlets located across Lebanon and the Middle East. In mid 2006, Al Rifai was operating 33 outlets in Lebanon and 150 stores in the gulf Region, 12 stores in Sweden, in addition to its worldwide exports.Yet the story of ongoing expansion doesn’t end here, because ambition have trespassed what has been achieved, now the Lebanese company has opened a Swedish HQ. With its state of the art 12 000 sqm factory, Nutisal® attempts to break into the European market with its 72 different premium products based on nuts and kernels.

 To become an internationally recognized brand name and leading provider of delicious nuts and kernels in addition to coffee, sweets, and confectionaries in the local and international retail and wholesale market. In addition to that, Al Rifai aims to enjoy market share leadership wherever it exists.