The Lebanese Franchise Association is committed to providing the utmost assistance to its members – from representation in the public sector to providing specialized expertise to individual members.

The Lebanese Franchise Association believes providing a platform for cooperation and assistance for and between its members play a key role in achieving franchising excellence.

As such, the Lebanese Franchise Association offers four distinct services to its members.







In an effort to promote excellence in the franchising industry, the Lebanese Franchise Association has launched the Certified Franchise Executive Program (CFEP) in partnership with the Ecole Supérieure des Affaires (ESA) and the French Franchise Federation (FFF).


The purpose of CFEP is to improve the professionalism of the franchising industry in Lebanon by offering the highest standards of quality in specialized training and education before taking the plunge.


The program offers continuous training and expert consultancy to franchisee and franchisor to expand and improve their activities, measure business performance, optimize the management of business partners, manage and develop the franchise network, and determine the adequate strategy to ensure the sustainability of the business.

The CFEP is divided into three modules:


Unit A:



  •         Franchise history and basics
  •         Strategy development
  •         Franchise Law



Unit B:



  •         Managing a franchise network
  •         Franchising in MENA



Unit C:



  •         Franchise recruitment
  •         Conflict resolution



Visit the ESA Website Download the Program Brochure Visit the Program Page on the ESA Website




LFA College of experts


The Lebanese Franchise Association “LFA”, as the peak body representing the Lebanese Franchise Industry, is committed to providing existing and potential franchisors and franchisees with the best practices, knowledge and expertise consultation and training programs available. The Lebanese Franchise Association “LFA” has formed the LFA “College of Experts” to equip those people that intend developing their business in Franchising with the skills and knowledge vital for their success and the continuing success of the Industry. The LFA “College of Experts” members are leading experts in franchising industry; you can now receive an industry specific consultation and training that will enable you to progress towards greater personal and professional heights. The LFA “College of Experts” consultation and training present the most up to date knowledge and relevant theory, together with practical skills that you can apply immediately to your advantage in your workplace. This is an exciting time for Franchising and we feel that The LFA “College of Experts” will become the premier consultation and training provider for the Industry. The LFA “College of Experts” Premier consultation and training provide:



  •         Designing and Developing the Franchise Program
  •         Developing and implementation of the franchise agreement
  •         Franchising legal services
  •         Franchising Growth Strategy Planning and Implementation
  •         Franchise Operations Manuals
  •         Franchise Training Manuals
  •         Franchisors and franchisees training workshops
  •         Franchisor and Franchisees Relationship Building
  •         Strategic Franchise Marketing
  •         Franchise Cash flow Management
  •         Franchise Feasibility
  •         Buying / selling a franchise
  •         Arbitration & settlement of disputes
  •         Franchisee Operation business planning
  •         Master franchise/sub-franchising area development



Mentoring Program  


The Lebanese Franchise Association has launched a mentoring program to assist associate members meet the full requirements within the shortest possible period of time. The program is run by full members, with a track record in the franchise industry, on a voluntary basis. The LFA´s Mentor Program is not a substitute for professional training, rather a free and informal mentoring program aimed at benefiting  from experienced professionals in the field. Full and Associate Members are welcome to participate in this program. 


Membership Benefits



Furthermore, the Lebanese Franchise Association offers a number of services and benefits to its members



  •         Training programs, seminars and exhibitions organized by LFA or LFA partners
  •         Networking facility through B2B meetings, conferences and specialized organized visits
  •         Access to LFA Member Directory and listing of profile in the yearly LFA publication
  •         Profile listing on LFA’s website and brand visibility through website links
  •         Access to potential franchisors or franchisees contacting LFA
  •         Timely notification of upcoming local and international franchising conferences and events
  •         Special participation fee in LFA conferences, workshops and intellectual property registration